About Us

Mt Diablo Republican Club is a fast growing conservative club located in the East Bay of California.  Our goal is to broaden our reach, increase our demographic, to include men as full members, and to support growing our community.

We are a political education organization to promote the understanding and philosophy of the Republican Party. We foster loyalty to the Republican Party and we promote principles and candidates in all elections. 

We inform and educate members of the current issues that affect the local, state and nation and how the Conservative values provide the solution to the problems facing our community, state, and nation. We also recruit, support and work for the election of Republican candidates and support those in office.

We meet monthly, generally the second Wednesday of the month, where we feature engaging, educational, and dynamic speakers, Republican candidates and people that inspire and motivate us to promote our objectives.

Do you know Why the Right is Right?

Our Objectives



Inform the public through political and legislative education, training and activity

Promote the principles, objectives and policies of Conservatives and the Republican Party


Promote a wider knowledge of the principles of the Republican Party, and Conservatism


Cooperate with the Republican State and County Committees for the election of Republican nominees

Encourage active membership